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Let’s Get Digital is designed to provide advice, guidance and insight into how digital technology and process can improve your care setting, support independent living, increase efficiencies and improve staff experience.

We delve into new trends in technologies,as well as reviewing good practice for digital systems and processes.

Digital Gateway Tool

A “digitally mature workplace” means much more than just having the right tools to digitize and automate processes. Digital maturity means shaping your entire operation around the right digital tools. Download this tool and understand if you have the right tools and technology for your organisation.

Independent Living Centre Website

The Independent Living Centre is an equipment service for anyone in Devon who is looking for daily living and mobility solutions. Full buying guides and expert advice are available on their website and through their service.

Use of Voice - Alexa for Dementia Case Study

Read how one Dementia Patient is using Alexa and Voice Control to support his needs in the early stages of his condition.